Animal Summer – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: Animal Summer – Bestiality PDF Journal

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File Name: 101 Animal Summer – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 2.63 MB
Total pages: 124

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: In these days of constant change, the close-knit family group has been under the most
intense and telling pressure. Without any conscious plot on the part of any one or any
group, the family has begun to break apart, the inevitable result of new economic and
social factors that have brought greater mobility to all in their choice of a job, more
independence for women, and greater wealth so that the young are now an economic
force in their own right.
In many instances the family appears to be still an integral unit when viewed from the
outside, but in reality it is only a loose confederation of independent people, each one
caught up in his own interests and cares. The father is immersed in an all-consuming
career, the mother finds she has been freed from the drudgery of home and kitchen by
labor-saving devices and the children are free to seek their own interests with their

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