Marilyn Dog – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: Marilyn Dog – Bestiality PDF Journal

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File Name: 112 Marilyn Dog – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 2.3 MB
Total pages: 146

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: It is a sad, and yet embarrassingly true fact, that despite the technological advances of
our society, despite the new levels achieved in education and modern personal freedom,
there are still great numbers of our fellow citizens who have not escaped the twisting
fetters of a medieval concept of morality and sexuality. As a nation, and as individuals,
we sometimes pride ourselves on what we call a "new freedom", or a "new sexuality",
and fail to realize that what is for most of us a paradise of individual choice, unhindered
by traditional and worn-out taboos, is to a great many people simply another link in the
chains that secure them to their inhibited concepts of right and wrong.
Lawson Collins, in his brilliant new work, Marilyn’s Dog, examines with great care and,
we believe, sincere compassion, the plight of one particular example of this inability to
shed an outmoded sexual consciousness. With the vision and acumen of a true artist,
Mr. Collins gives us the tender and intriguing portrait of Lisa Andrews, a young
woman whose sensual and natural instincts come into violent conflict with the dictates
of her moral conscience. She is the representation of countless women in our society
today, women who have had, or will have, the traumatic experiences of rape, divorce,
seduction, and perversion enter their lives with terrifying intensity. Hers is the story of
how one woman, in order to rise above the limitations of a misguided concept of
human sexuality, must first drag herself through the swamps of physical and mental

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