The Lap Dog – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: The Lap Dog – Bestiality PDF Journal

Zoophilia Book Info:
File Name: 115 The Lap Dog – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 2.4 MB
Total pages: 121

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: They giggled all the way up the walk from the garage to the front door, leaning on one
another and staggering a little. Then both quieted down as they stood before the door,
faced with the problem of opening it and not quite remembering how. The man
fumbled in his pocket for awhile and then fished out a key. For several seconds he tried
to fit it into the lock, finally swearing good-naturedly:
"If the damn hole had hair around it, wham, just like that!"
"Oh, Jack, don’t say such things," the young woman giggled, looking around nervously.
"The neighbors might hear."
"Fuck the neighbors," the man answered in a slightly slurred voice. All at once the key
slid in the lock and he opened the door, starting inside, but then he halted and, giving
an exaggerated bow, spoke grandly to his female companion.
"Would the lady care to enter?" he said with a little hiccup. And the lady did enter,
sweeping majestically into the house, her entry marred only when she tripped a little on
the doorsill. The man followed her in and shut the door.

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