More Dogs For Daughter – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: More Dogs For Daughter – Bestiality PDF Journal

Zoophilia Book Info:
File Name: 147 More Dogs For Daughter – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 1.83 MB
Total pages: 122

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: Sally Chapman was a beautiful young teenager who enjoyed fucking with dogs even
more than she liked fucking with men. And that was saying a lot. The youngster was
never so happy as when she had a big thick cock up her always horny pussy.
She was lucky. The motel which her parents owned near the Grand Canyon was the
only one in the area which allowed dogs. Sally’s parents never had to ask the girl to
help around the motel, checking the guests in, cleaning the rooms. Unlike their friends
who were always complaining about their kids who never seemed to want to help out,
Sally’s parents enjoyed boasting about their dutiful daughter. Little did they know that
the reason Sally was always so eager to help her parents with their motel was because
she was getting it on not only with the men who checked into the motel, but also with
their dogs.

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