The Polaroid Club – Book 2 – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: The Polaroid Club – Book 2 – Bestiality PDF Journal

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File Name: 124 The Polaroid Club – Book 2 – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 1.84 MB
Total pages: 156

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: Cindy had gone to the bathroom, but the tremendous, biting sensations which gripped
her hungrily tingling body weren’t relieved. If anything, in the privacy of the bathroom
she was able to go over in her mind the set of photos, and their remembrance only
inflamed her trembling loins all the more. She was being consumed by the alcohol and
lust, slowly, slowly – and she wanted her husband, wanted his throbbing penis buried
to its hilt in her teasingly convulsing pussy. Her cunt spasmed as though it was already
in the throes of orgasm, and as she walked unsteadily out of the bathroom and started
back to the living room, she knew that she couldn’t go in there, go in and just sit down
and act normal. No, she had to have Howard NOW!
She quickly crossed to the bedroom where Howard had placed their overnight bag, and
shedding her clothes, she was soon wearing a long, filmy nightie, her blond hair
cascading down her back. She stripped the covers back and lay down on the bed
without even a sheet to cover her and waited for her husband.

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